Fadi Elhusseini

Abstract: Despite encouraging numbers and numerous agreements, this paper contends that a concrete cooperation and partnership have yet to materialize between Canada and Turkey. To attain this aim, this paper has been divided into three sections;

In the first section, I display the main features characterizing the two important states, presenting political and economic facts and addressing the present status of bilateral relations and agreements. Within this framework, a quick assessment and evaluation of the current relations, in light of specific features of contemporary issues that are reckoned to be the reasons behind the estrangement and sputtering in relations, will be conducted.

In the second section of this paper, I will try to analyze foreign policy in Canada and Turkey, through examining a number of factors that are deemed influential in foreign policy in both countries, including the mechanism and determinants of decision-making among other factors.

Against this backdrop, and after highlighting common interests and the importance to improve bilateral relations, in the third section I will proffer few remarks concerning the opportunities of advanced bilateral relations, from a new perspective.

To download the paper, please follow the link of the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies- Canada

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